NO Scrap is Too Big For Us To Process

Services We Offer

E. Schneider & Sons, Inc. specializes in large scrap processing.  We have the equipment to move heavy machinery, beams, etc from your jobsite to our yard for processing.   On this end of the spectrum we offer container services as well as specialty hauling.  

We also offer drop-off services at our location here in Allentown, as well as our sister company in Hellertown.  At these locations we can accept industrial AND residential customers; ranging from bridge beams to a pound of aluminum cans.

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Who We Are

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to E. Schneider & Sons, Inc., a long-standing business in the community since 1902. 

Edward Schneider started this business around the turn of the century to make a few extra bucks.

Through the years from generation to generation, E. Schneider & Sons, Inc. mainly concentrated on the industrial and demolition ends of the scrap business.  We succeeded in cleaning up their accumulations of scrap materials.  With the coming of a third generation and new ideas, our business expanded our services to include commercial and retail areas.  This has left us all looking forward to a better tomorrow.

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Items We Accept

We pay you CASH for your scrap metals.  Bring in your aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum cans, iron - you name it!  Please see the links below for a complete listing, coupled with helpful sample images of the items.

Ferrous Metals

Non-Ferrous Metal

Hours of Operation

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